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Things to do at VR Game Zone

Things to do - VR Theme Park

If you’re in Jaipur and looking for an exciting experience or things to do, the VR Gaming Zone at VR Theme Park is the place to be. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect and the exciting activities you can indulge in:

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Things to do - VR Theme Park​

1. VR Adventures and Games

This Game Zone is a place with more than 40 virtual reality (VR) games and rides, each offering a unique experience. Whether you’re into heart-pounding adventures or action-packed shooters, there’s something here for you. For example, you can go on a wild adventure with dinosaurs in “Jurassic Adventure” or battle lots of zombies in “Zombie Region.” No matter what type of game you like, there’s a lot of exciting stuff to try.

2. High-Tech VR Experiences

You’ll get to use the latest VR gear, including top-notch headsets and controllers that respond to your movements. This makes the virtual worlds feel incredibly real, as if you’re actually inside them. Some of the popular activities you can try include racing in an F1 car, flying a plane, and even riding a horse, all in virtual reality. The high-quality equipment and realistic environments make these experiences truly immersive and exciting.

3. Interactive Multiplayer Games

You can team up with friends or meet new people in multiplayer games. Together, you can fight in epic battles, solve puzzles, or explore amazing new worlds. Games like VR Team, VR Family, VR Chair, AR Snipper, etc let you work with others, making the gameplay both challenging and a lot of fun.

Things to do - VR Theme Park​

4. Special Events and Parties

The VR Theme Park is a great place to celebrate birthdays, hold corporate meetings, or do team-building activities. They offer special packages designed for these events, making sure everyone has an amazing time. With the exciting VR experiences available, your event will be unique and memorable for everyone who attends. Whether you’re racing cars, fighting zombies, or exploring new worlds, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, making it a perfect spot for any occasion.

5. Family-Friendly Fun

Bring your whole family for a fun-filled day at the VR Gaming Zone! There’s something for everyone, no matter their age. You can all enjoy family-friendly VR rides and games like “Family VR” and “VR Team.” It’s an excellent place to spend quality time together, have fun, and create lasting memories. Whether you’re young or old, you’ll find exciting activities that everyone can enjoy, making it a perfect spot for family bonding.

6. Safety and Comfort

The Game Zone is built to be safe and comfortable for everyone who visits. They make sure everything is secure, so you can have fun without worrying about safety. Friendly staff members are always there to help you, guiding you through the VR experiences and making sure you have all the right equipment to enjoy the games safely. This way, you can focus on having a great time without any concerns.

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Things to do - VR Theme Park​

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the VR Theme Park Gaming Zone in Jaipur promises an experience like no other. Dive into the world of virtual reality and make your visit to VR Theme Park a highlight of your time in Jaipur.

For more information and to plan your visit, check out the official website.

Pricing Information

Price List for Each Game
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Location and Contact Information

Location – PN 1/9, Chitrakoot, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, 302021

Time – 12 Pm – 10 Pm

Website –

Contact Number – +91 1414096095 & +91 9116126095





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