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Best Play Zone In Jaipur – All Games

Best Gaming Zone In Jaipur
Best Gaming Zone In Jaipur

What is VR Theme Park ?

The VR theme park – India’s First and Biggest virtual reality PLAY ZONE IN JAIPUR. With its cutting-edge technology, immersive storytelling, and high-quality graphics, the park offers visitors a truly unforgettable experience. From thrilling roller coaster rides to interactive games and adventures, the park’s attractions are designed to transport visitors to different virtual worlds and environments. The VR theme park is also known for its top-of-the-line equipment and friendly staff, ensuring that visitors have a safe and enjoyable time. With its unparalleled entertainment value, the VR theme park has quickly become a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the future of entertainment.

Games List

PS 5 (Video Games)

PS5 – play zone in jaipur
Available Games on Playstation 5
  1. Gta 5
  2. Red dead redemption 2
  3. wwe 2k22
  4. Call of duty (Vanguard)
  5. God of war (ragnarok)
  6. Call of duty (mordan warfare
  7. Spiderman (miles morales)
  8. Resident evil 8 (village)
  9. Uncharted (Thievers end and lost legacy)
  10. Fifa 23
  11. NBA 2k23
  12. Cricket 22
  13. Avengers (Marval)
  14. Gran Turismo 7 (Car racing)
  15. Assassins creed (Valhalla)
  16. Assassins creed (Valhalla Ragnarok Edition)
  17. Mortal kombat 11
  18. Gotham knight (Special Edition)
  19. Metro exodus
  20. Horizon Forbidden west
  21. Judgment
  22. Ghost of Tsushima (Director’s cut)
  23. Deathloop
  24. Hogwarts legacy
  25. Resident evil 8 (village) Golden edition
  26. Jump Force
  27. Tekken 7
  28. Watchdog (Legion)
  29. The last of us / 2 (Remastered)
  30. Minecraft
  31. Need for speed (Heat) (Car racing)
  32. Hitman 3
  33. Resident evil 4
  34. Bloodborne (Game of the year edition)
  35. Monster hunter world
  36. Gran Turismo sport (Car racing)
  37. Horizon zero Dawn
  38. Persona royal 5
  39. Stray
  40. Battlefield 2042
  41. Demon’s souls
  42. Nioh / Nio2 (Remastered)
  43. Saintsrown (Day one edition)
  44. Returnal
  45. Farcry 6
  46. Devil may cry 5
  47. Hogwarts legacy
  48. Elden ring 
  49. More coming soon…….

VR Chair

VR Chair – Play Zone in Jaipur

A VR (Virtual Reality) chair is a type of chair designed to enhance the VR experience by providing physical feedback and immersion to the user. VR chairs can range from simple seats with basic vibrations to more complex setups that can move and rotate in response to the virtual environment. You can play this game at VR Theme Park Gaming Zone in Jaipur

VR Horsing

VR Horsing – Best Play zone in jaipur

VR hosting games are multiplayer games that are designed for virtual reality (VR) headsets and allow players to interact with each other in a virtual environment. These games typically require a VR headset, controllers, and a powerful computer or gaming console to run smoothly.

The gameplay of VR hosting games can vary depending on the game, but typically involves players completing objectives or competing against each other in various challenges. Some popular VR hosting games include Beat Saber, Rec Room, and VRChat. You Can Play This At VR Theme Park Best Gaming Zone in Jaipur


VR Jump – Play Zone In Jaipur

VR Jump Is A Fantastic Game. The machine’s overall height is 3.2 metres, while its effective height is 1.2 metres. It is incredible, just like the authentic Jumping Machine Experience, when it is raised to the greatest level. It rises sharply and comes back down quickly. Everyone agreed that the movie “Screams,” in especially, is very exciting and thrilling. You will get to play this game in Jaipur’s biggest play zone VR theme park.

3 Screen Racing Simulator

A 3-screen racing simulator game is a type of racing video game that is played using a simulator setup that includes three screens. The screens are positioned to provide a panoramic view of the virtual environment and create a more immersive experience for the player.

During the game, you will use the racing wheel and pedals to control the car and navigate through the track. The three screens will provide a realistic view of the virtual environment and allow you to see your surroundings, including other cars and obstacles on the track.


VR Team – Best Play Zone

A VR team game is a multiplayer game that is designed for virtual reality (VR) headsets and requires players to work together in teams to complete objectives or defeat opponents. These games typically require a VR headset, controllers, and a powerful computer or gaming console to run smoothly.

Family VR

VR Family – Play Zone In Jaipur

The gameplay of VR family games can vary depending on the game but typically involves players engaging in fun and entertaining activities together in a virtual environment. Some popular VR family games include Job Simulator, Beat Saber, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.


VR Wow – Best Play Zone In Jaipur

Playing Wow in VR is an incredible experience. Flying and looping above Blackrock Mountain in virtual reality greatly increases the game’s realism, adventure, and fun. As you start playing the game in virtual reality, everything will feel real.

VR Car

VR Car – Best Gaming Zone In Jaipur

In a VR car game, players are immersed in a fully-realized virtual environment and can interact with the game world as if they were actually behind the wheel of a real car. The game may use advanced graphics and sound effects to create a realistic driving experience, and may also feature realistic physics and vehicle handling.

VR Flight

VR Flight – Best Gaming In Jaipur

A VR flight game is a virtual reality game that simulates flying an aircraft or piloting a spacecraft in a 3D environment. These games are designed to provide an immersive experience for players, allowing them to feel like they are actually flying through the air or outer space.

VR Bike

VR Bike Best Gaming Zone In Jaipur

A VR bike game is a virtual reality game that simulates riding a motorcycle or bicycle in a 3D environment. These games are designed to provide an immersive experience for players, allowing them to feel like they are actually riding a bike in a virtual environment.

VR Magic Box

VR Magic Box – Best Play Zone In Jaipur

This Game realistic cool styling attract the public eye.The game involves,Beat Saber, Fruit Ninja, Mercenary, Boxing Workout,Armed Against the Undead, Holopoint, Paintey, MageWorks, The Thrill of the Fight, other fun contents

Super Bike

Super Bike – Best Gaming Zone In Jaipur

Super bike game can refer to various types of video games that feature motorcycles or racing bikes as the main gameplay element. These games typically involve players competing against each other or computer-controlled opponents in a series of races or challenges.

Some popular examples of super bike games include the MotoGP series, SBK Superbike World Championship, and the Road Rash series. These games often feature realistic physics and graphics to simulate the experience of riding a motorcycle.

AIR Hockey

Air Hockey – Best Gaming Play Zone In Jaipur

Air hockey is a tabletop game that is played by two players. The objective of the game is to score points by hitting a puck into the opponent’s goal using a paddle or mallet

Transformers (Shooting)

Transformers – Best Play Zone In Jaipur

In the game, players take on the role of a human character who teams up with Autobots characters such as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to battle against the Decepticons. The gameplay involves using a light gun to shoot at on-screen enemies while dodging incoming attacks. The game also features quick-time events and boss battles.

OverTake (Car Racing)

OverTake – Best Gaming zone in jaipur

“OVERTAKE DX” is a completely innovative racing car class entertainment Game. The game offers six popular model cars. Every car has different characteristics and different TURBO JET engines. You can choose according to personal likes different modified and color

Lane Master (Bowling)

Lane Master – Best Gaming Zone In Jaipur

In Lane Master, players use a bowling ball controller to roll the ball down a virtual bowling lane. The goal is to get as many strikes and spares as possible, while avoiding obstacles such as oil slicks and bumpers. The game uses a camera system to detect the position and movement of the ball, allowing for a realistic and immersive gameplay experience.


Hammer – Best Play zone in jaipur

One popular example of a hammer game is the Whac-A-Mole game, where players use a mallet to hit mechanical moles as they pop up from various holes in a game board. Another example is the High Striker game, where players use a hammer to hit a lever and try to ring a bell at the top of a tower

Attack Heros (Punch Ball

Attack Heros – Best Gaming Zone In Jaipur

In “Punch Ball”, the punching bag is attached to a vertical board that contains various targets or holes. When the player punches the bag, it swings back and forth, hitting the board and triggering the targets. The targets light up or make noise when hit, and each target awards a certain number of points.

3 Horse Ride

3 horse ride – Best Gaming Play Zone

The “3 Seats Mini Carousel Horse” is a popular attraction at many amusement parks, carnivals, and other family-friendly events. It provides a fun and engaging ride that can help children develop their motor skills, coordination, and sense of balance, while also offering a memorable and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Horse Kiddy Ride

Horse Kiddy Ride – Best Play Zone In Jaipur

In the game, players control a virtual horse and navigate through various environments, such as a race track or a scenic trail. The game may feature different modes, such as a timed race or a free ride mode, and may also offer customization options for the horse’s appearance and equipment.

Basket Ball

Basket Ball – Best Gaming Zone In Jaipur

The basketball arcade machine let players focus on simply aiming and shooting the balls in through the hoop to accumulate points to win. There is a time limit that this happens in, with each round spanning from about 40 – 60 seconds. The scores are electronically calculated.

Massage Chair

Massage Chair

A massage chair is a type of chair that is designed to provide therapeutic massage to the user. The chair typically features built-in motors and rollers that target specific areas of the body, such as the back, neck, and shoulders, to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience.

Why VR Theme Park Is the Best Play Zone In Jaipur.?



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